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  • Léna Lewis-King

open2 artist writing initiative

Have you ever felt frustrated with the endless scroll of social media, especially when sharing or viewing creative projects? It can often feel like the internet is a sea of information, with your work and thoughts getting lost somewhere in between all the adverts and constant updates.. what could a possible solution be? In May 2020, I began to think about a simple way to generate meaningful artist communications, and got together a small team of colleagues to make this idea possible. Hannah Carlile (website) and Sophie Sinnott (logo) were the design geniuses, Tom Lake and Annie King helped to structure the idea and approach.

open2 is an ongoing initiative, open to all creative projects - the premise is an equal partnership in writing. You pair up, choose a work from your partner, write about their work, they do the same for you and both articles and works are featured on the website. This creates a mutually beneficial exchange, allowing each artist to see their own practices from an alternative perspective, as well as generating valuable texts on each-others works to be used in future.

To take part or for more information visit



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