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Interview with nick fudge

Video interview with the artist Nick Fudge

“European Desert” stems from the interview above, with the artist Nick Fudge. He discusses travelling through the deserts, the intellectual and emotional relationship he has with American desert landscapes, and how the desert landscape completely transformed his outlook on life. This initial conversation lead me on to think about the location of the deserts as a semi-spiritual landscape (in the sense of being a place beyond the human). I became interested in the Tabernas Desert in Spain, where many Spaghetti Westerns were filmed. I wanted to explore the poetic and transformative power of the desert landscape through narrative and emotion, but continuously came up against my own creative barriers. 

Heading towards the desert as technological progress; It’s been a long term interest of mine to experiment with using three different “Medias” of filmmaking within one film, in order to visually explore time, and the specific aesthetics of time related to cinema.

production stills