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White Ink (in production) 

"White Ink" is a hybrid/multimedia visual essay film that delves into the intricacies of how breasts are perceived and interpreted in Western culture, with a particular emphasis on the Italian artistic tradition. Through my film, I aim to lay bare and play with the complexities surrounding the existence and understanding of breasts in our society, so we may reach a clearer and more integrated understanding of their ontological existence.


The main narrative/visual key points are the process of lactation, motherhood, tools and artificial augmentations of the breast, the storing of toxins within the breast's tissue, the objectification process, eroticism, the phases of the month, art historical mythologies related to breasts such as Roman Charity and Santa Agatha among other references, and the idea of a narrative connected to the ontological experience of abundance and nurturing and being in 'over-flow'.

To complete this project I need funding, please donate what you can here

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