L'Autoritratto 1:32 2020

‘L'autroritratto’ is titled after the 'Tazi, Anzi Parla' open call and their focus on Carla Lonzi’s work ‘Autoritratto’. 


"Thinking about the nature of the ‘self’, there are so many contrasting and harmonic layers to 'identity' that make a simple definition or understanding difficult. Through using voice over and personal archive footage, Léna's film seeks to unpack this layered complexity and reach to the core of what the ‘self’ can be in an honest, vulnerable way - a human perspective in an increasingly mediated and technological world."

'L'autoritratto' was awarded by a jury from the 'Taci. Anzi, Parla' open call and will be exhibited at La Galleria Nazionale's 'Io Dico Io - I say I' exhibition in March 2021.



© 2021 by Léna Lewis-King. 

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