L'autoritratto (The Self Portrait) 1:32 2020

‘L'autroritratto/The Self Portrait’ is titled after the 'Taci. Anzi Parla' open call and their focus on Carla Lonzi’s work ‘Autoritratto’. It seeks to explore the core question of what the ‘self’ might be and tries to access the more vulnerable perspectives of being human within an increasingly mediated and technologised world. 

'L'autoritratto/The Self Portrait' was awarded by a jury from the 'Taci. Anzi, Parla' open call and will be exhibited at La Galleria Nazionale's 'Io Dico Io - I say I' exhibition from March to May 2021. It has also been selected to be screened as a part of the BOMB Factory's 'Artist Film Festival', dates to be announced.