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THE WALL 2:07 2019

Concept by Pietro Lazzaris and Federico Covarelli

Video by Léna Lewis-King

Featuring 'M' as the subject alongside Pietro Lazzaris and Federico Covarelli as the photographers, this experimental short looks at the behind-the-scenes process of Pietro and Federico constructing their photography project. The film experiments with sequential photography as animation, the animation of architecture, the perspectives of the photographer in relation to their craft and to their subject, using voice to evoke personality and tone, and using sound texturally (bricks, the flash trigger, and the mixing of cement) to experiment with how sound changes and effects image.


In January 2022, 'The Wall' was selected by TAPE Collective and was screened alongside Melisa Liebenthal, Gabriela Mo, Jane Campion, Loris Giuseppe Nese, Mahboubeh Kalaee, and Reman Sadani as a part of London Short Film Festival's 'Exit Here' programme at Rich Mix Cinema.

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