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  • Léna Lewis-King

Soho House Rome CASTRO Fellows Screening

This week, with filmmaker Federico Pozuelo, my work was screened at Soho House Rome, with Q&A by Gaia di Lorenzo and Castro projects.

The screening focused on and highlighted how our cinematic focus connects, in regards to technological or scientific methods of constructing 'truth' and the types of violences, or dubious realities and textures that these dogmatic constructs create.

image of a cinema room with a still from Léna Lewis-King's film 'The Copper Kings' featuring a polluted landscape with a drawn image of a woman's body without any organs superimposed ontop of the industrial landscape. The text ontop of the image reads: Public program, Léna Lewis-King and Federico Pozuelo


'Despite the Facts' 2022

'The Copper Kings' 2021

'Burden of Proof' 2022

'Figure 1' 2021

Excerpts from the Soho House Rome CASTRO Fellows Screening:

An image of the cinema room at Soho house with low lighting and a still from Federico Pozuelo's 'Despite the Facts' film.

An interior shot of the cinema room at soho house with a still from Léna Lewis-King's 'Figure 1' featuring a drawn images selected from a 'Manual of Gestures' book with 2 pointing hands, and a man standing pointing to his left.

An image from the Q&A section of the screening with Léna speaking into the microphone looking at Gaia and Federico to the left, with audience members heads in the foreground.


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