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  • Léna Lewis-King

Made in;

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

the wrappings of; reels and eels and all sorts of, from the USSR shipped or flown to a town sized in between big and small, Tonnes of Kings to Leningrad or a grad film about Lenin ; bad word play round and around with no progression forwards or backwards or no that’s wrong; only forwards and backwards with no deviation when you pull from reel to reel.

in motions of the linear or circular: an alternative root dissects, and with incision, fragments, to a state without touch (keep five feet away to see the frame fully); 50ft of still images outside of their frames a mountain of loosely related seconds

demonstrative of; perspective in contrast : against light, against glass, against nitrate, against acetate, against tape, against pixel, wholly against the titles that crown the material or concept that in listlessness become useless; words meeting and dissolving meaning where they seek to build but where ,

soaking out the light stains in it’s surfaces, the chemical dark revealing what’s hidden between vision, anticipation, and the approximate imprint

A place hold;



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