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  • Léna Lewis-King

Living Light

Storm related power cuts and early sunsets remind me just how much of our lives rely on electricity, and how different our circadian rhythms must be in our modern day to what they were in the past. Work, education and our own interests sculpt our lives to fit our desires rather than relating to the natural environments we are within, so often we’re made to feel separate from, or that we’ve conquered our environment. But to be conquered by the environment would also be brutal, winter would unbearable be without electricity too, no heat or light.. there has to be a balance? But to find that balance, to have the luxury of listening to the seasons and taking breaks whilst maintaining work & money & ‘career’ also becomes an issue, as the day never feels like it has enough hours in it.

Thinking about the difference between ‘living light’ and ‘artificial light’, and how it creates the atmosphere around you, your thoughts and perspectives and feelings based on the different kinds of light.


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