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  • Léna Lewis-King

href zine feature 'The Storm is What We Call Progress' in 'Landscapes, Symbioses, Technoid Natures'

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

My short film, 'The Storm is What We Call Progress' will be featured in student-led art, technology and theory publication, href zine. href zine's manifesto for this issue is the following: 'Technology cannot be neutral. Tools and technologies are designed to follow a purpose. They carry the agenda of their creators. Therefore highlighting and censorship will be executed according to their ideology. The more one differs from this constructed normative the more their needs and desires will be invalidated.

This, however, is not only applied on human-made technologies but also on western science, our general view on nature, on the hierarchical relationship of humankind and nature and how this separation is preserved to justify the still ongoing implementation of superiority.

For the second issue of the href zine, we had an open call for artists, researchers, scientists, writers, publishers and activists to enter their work to the following topics: Landscapes, Technoid Natures, Symbioses.'

More details to follow.


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