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Reel to Reel 3:31 2019
Copy of Big

Reel to Reel is an expanded cinema project, intended for display on multiple monitors or independent players within a webpage.
The initial project research began with looking at early ‘media’ technologies, such as the Magic Lantern. Léna worked with professional Lantern projectionists Nicole and Frog to document their processes. Filmmaker Tereza Havajedova documented the evening with a DSLR, whilst Léna shot with a 8 mm camera. Léna later hand developed the 8 mm, and considered the modes of presentation with the film in context to the processes of development and editing. The Baia 8 mm reviewing device acted as a frame through which to interact with the film, and so this experience ended up in the final project.
In the final edits, fragmenting up the digital space into different forms of media influenced the final concept that this piece should be exhibited through simultaneous playback on a multiple devices, to further create a sense of media overwhelm.

Find a full trailer for the work of Nicole Mollet and Frog Morris Below

Reel to Reel
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