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  • Léna Lewis-King

Moving Image Journal Launch Event

"For this event we will be joined by artists @jisolini @_eddcarr_@lenalewisking @sapphire_goss and @leejjcampbell who will present talks, films and performances expanding on the work featured in this issue."

"This issue contains 13 articles by contemporary moving image artists and experimental filmmakers reflecting on their own work and creative practice.

Offering insight into the ideas, concerns and processes of artists working now, MIA Journal issue 4 presents a great variety of approaches to moving image making which speaks of the phenomenal breadth and spread of this medium which has, since the digital age, become so intrinsically intertwined with our lives.

Each of the 13 artists present personal and inspiring accounts of their explorations, that together reveal vital insights into how the language and techniques of moving image have been shaping reality since the early days of photography to the virtual vistas of today."


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