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  • Léna Lewis-King

href zine 'Landscapes - Technoid Natures - Symbiosis' 2021

href zine is available to purchase through emailing

Buy your copy now for €9 (€6 for students).

"This issue of the href zine discovers and appreciates the other-than-human and the human to be embedded in the very same more-than-human spaces and landscapes. At the same this href zine assembles designed, written, emerged, read and printed landscapes, that derive their form from participation and contributions. Based on this initial situation our agenda to destabilize human exceptionalism and re-distribute human privileges, will firstly de-territorialize human technologies as indicators of superiority, and secondly to revise and rethink our human technologies as tools of reconnecting with the world. This issue of the href zine dreams of technoid natures, that are shared and inhabited by other-than-humans and humans, everything born, grown and made, mediated via technologies and practices." - href zine

It’s been brilliant to read through all of the diverse approaches and perspectives featured within href zine’s latest issue ‘Landscapes - Technoid Natures - Symbioses’.

It was a joy to be interviewed by href zine. Their questions opened up topics explored in my film ‘The Storm is What We Call Progress’, specifically surrounding definitions of ‘agency’, processes of working with complexity in film, and what my perspective is on the relationship between myself and photography as a medium. Screenshots from the film and the voiceover text accompany the interview.

Supporting artist-run publications keeps them going and enables them to continue forming new conversations as cultures - - more details at href_zine + huge thanks to Lotta Stoever and Nathalie Gebert


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