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Cybele’s Cult plays with symbolism and an inquiry into the plausibility of digital “realities”. Made as the final film for the end of her Foundation year, Léna exhibited the work alongside a cabinet containing the masks, tarot cards and supporting zine made in tandem with the film. Through this project, using a filmic space to explore where the “myth” & the “digital” meet, the intention was to make evident how the human subconscious is now combined with virtual/disembodied technologies. This inseparability is caused through the endless reproductions (images, films, etc) that have been ingrained into daily life through media (specifically social media and digital networks). 

Tarot cards seek to add a structure to the film, to act as a device for transformation along the timeline, and creating a narrative that stems from the idea of evoking, rather than prescribing the events and visuals that unfold and relate to eachother. 

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