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© 2019 by Léna Lewis-King. 

Cybele’s Cult is a mixture of narrative symbolism and a questioning of the plausibility of digital “realities”. Made as the final film of my Foundation year, I exhibited it alongside a cabinet containing the masks, tarot card and supporting zine made in tandem with the film. Through this project, I wanted to create a filmic space where the “myth” & the “digital” meet, exploring how the human subconscious is now combined with virtual/disembodied technologies. I’m interested in the effects of how reproductions (images, films, etc) have been so ingrained into our lives through social media, and how what we define as a solid reality now has new and confusing parameters. Tarot cards add
narrative structure to the film, and for me they acted as a device for which the film could unfold through, allowing me to tell an evocative, rather than prescriptive, story.